Cariesology - prevention and treatment of dental caries.

Caries is an infectious disease that can be contagious. To avoid being infected and many other complications, you need early diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to modern achievements in science and technology caries can be detected and stopped at an early stage before it has caused a significant destruction of tooth structure. Prevention of the carious process can be achieved through various remineralizing agents. But if the process has resulted in tooth destruction, the modern, minimally invasive approach allows maximal spare of hard tissues. It is essential also that prevention should be carried out since early childhood.

Dental floss: the secret of good oral health

Flossing needs to be done regularly, because the tootbrush cannot reach in:

- the space between the teeth - it most often develops caries

- undergum pocket - that's the beginning of gum inflammation

Cleaning with a tooth brush and then carefully with dental floss can remove the plate and sticky deposits, which accumulate and calcify to form tartar later. Plaque left to develop in these sensitive areas cause:

- Caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath.

You must learn the proper way to floss (Flos-technique) in order flossing to be effective. For this purpose, it is best to contact your dentist who will show you the correct method. There are different kinds of thread (floss), which can be found in pharmacies and stores. Threads can be: waxed, non-wax, with flavors, odorless, roll, for dental bridges and braces. Waxed floss is suitable when you start to learn how to floss because it slides more easily. In this way you can master the technique without getting disappointed or traumatizing the gum and as a result give up the use of thread. Scented floss leaves a fresh taste in your mouth and is especially appropriate when you are prevented from brushing your teeth.

If, despite your efforts, you cannot get used to it or if you have limitation in mouth opening try with a floss holder or interdental brushes.

1. Tear off a piece of floss about 40 cm long and wrap it gently around your middle fingers;

2. Pull the thread with the index fingers;

3. Carefully slide the floss between your teeth until you feel you have overcome the contact between the teeth and reached the gum line;

4. Carefully slide the thread along the surface of both teeth up and down entering the undergum space. Pull down the floss.

In this way clean all interdental spaces, enter into any space with a clean part of the floss. If there are places you cannot access or the floss breaks , maybe you have a problem with crowns or tooth fillings. Consult your dentist and correct the problem so you can clean effectively everywhere. At the beginning you may have difficulty mastering the floss-technique, or even bleeding gums, but you should realize that regular cleaning is beneficial to your health and you will keep your teeth and gums healthy for a long time. Now as you know the technique and understand the need to use floss, you have a choice of different types of floss and accessories for cleaning interdental spaces and undergum pockets. A common mistake is not using the floss-technique everyday - people often cannot find a few minutes to use the thread. Floss-technique is just as important as cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Less than daily cleaning is ineffective. Plaque accumulates continuously - 24 hours after a thorough cleaning plaque has already accumulated. In order to be effective cleaning should be done on daily basis. It's a common misapprehension that floss-technique is used only for removing the food residue such as meat between teeth. The main function of the thread is to remove the invisible film of bacteria that constantly forms between the teeth and in undergum pockets and is called plaque. Floss should be regularly used to clean between all the teeth. Cleaning with a toothbrush and dental floss every day will ensure good oral health and fresh breath.




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