Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry- veneers, bonding, ceramic and zirconium crowns, whitening, lip fillers and wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.

The main objective of cosmetic dentistry is to restore the smile according to artistic standards. A smile is more convincing than words - with a smile you greet people and respond to greetings, a smile is an expression of friendship and goodwill. Smiles can make you and those around you feel better. A beautiful smile brings confidence, self-esteem and high spirits. A reserved smile or covering your mouth with a hand will destroy this open way of communicating with others.

There are several ways to change the smile: more radically - through ceramic veneers and crowns or teeth whitening, and slight adjustments - enameling plastics, photopolymer/composite corrections, white fillings.

Porcelain veneers

This is a new tooth facade shell made of porcelain. Veneers are used when natural teeth are discolored, or have irregular shape or position. These achieve the desired whiteness and luster of teeth. If you have a space between the teeth, veneers are the way to change that. When you need to use porcelain veneers the tooth surface layer shall be removed under anesthesia, then we make tooth print and place temporary veneers. In laboratory we make custom color and shape porcelain veneers. On the next visit the temporary veneers are replaced by permanent porcelain ones. We use special light-curing adhesive cement - it provides a strong link between the tooth and veneer.

Porcelain crowns

They are used to restore damaged teeth. In most cases, for the front teeth can be used porcelain crowns that compared to traditional metal-ceramic crowns look natural and difficult to distinguish from real teeth. The dark strip near the gums, which in most cases ”exposes’’ metal-ceramic crowns, doesn't exist with porcelain ones. It makes them look close to natural. Furthermore, ceramics has the ability to let the light through - like real teeth, and that makes them look natural.

Teeth whitening

Over the years healthy teeth start to become yellow and stained by various coloring agents - coffee, cigarettes, etc. They are best affected by bleaching treatment. In our clinic we will make a special splint which is usable at night to put whitening gel on it and treat the teeth - the result is visible within 2-3 weeks. After a while yellowing will reappear and the whitening procedure can be repeated again in 1-2 years. If the whitening result is not satisfactory to you and you want an even more brilliant smile, you can take advantage of porcelain veneers. In some cases it is not necessary to use porcelain veneers and crowns and we can advise you to chose photopolymer. In cases whit minor defects and when the natural color of your teeth is satisfactory to you, deficiencies can be corrected with photopolymer material which resembles the natural tooth structure. When the material is applied on the teeth, it is shaped into the desired form and polymerized by blue light, then it has to be polished . This can be done in one visit.

Lips that you've always wanted

HYALURONICA ® ② is durable, non-permanent filler intended for the treatment of moderate to deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and marionette. Ideal for aesthetic increasing of the lips.


Keep skin young and hydrated for longer.

HYALURONICA ® Mesolift retains moisture in the skin, keeping it longer hydrated. The product improves the overall condition of the skin and is ideal for removing fine lines, such as "crow's feet" and wrinkles around the mouth. It gives your face refreshed and naturally rejuvenated appearance. It also increases the effect of procedures with dermal fillers.



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