Implants - dental implant for partial or total edentulism.

Dr. Zhechkov is a certified implantologist with extensive experience in placing implants, using several different systems.

If you are missing one or more teeth, the resulting defect is often corrected by a bridge, which requires grinding of the adjacent teeth. Implants make it possible to recover missing teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth. When the cheek teeth are missing, implants are the only option for making a bridge. The implant replaces the tooth root. It is inserted in place of the missing tooth/teeth. Dental implants which are used today are made by organically tolerated material - titanium. In the absence of all teeth implants help for better retention and stability of the entire prosthesis.

Placing an implant

Placing the implant is the second step after preliminary tests, including X-ray analysis and planning the precise positioning of the implant. Placing an implant is a routine procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. At the request of the patient, the surgery can be done under local anesthetic, delivered by an experienced anesthetist. After a period of two to four months required for the integration of the implant into the bone, we proceed to put the crown or bridge. If the missing tooth is in the aesthetic zone we make temporary structures during that period.



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