Orthodontics – correction of tooth and jaw deformities, arranging and straightening teeth with removable appliances or fixed appliances (brackets).

Orthodontics is the science dealing with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various deformities in the maxillofacial area, including crooked teeth and interrelations of upper and lower jaw. In our clinic, besides all the classic removable apparatus and several braces systems, we also use the so-called alligners clear braces MTM, analogous to the popular Invisalign. They are "invisible" transparent silicone strips, which are used to correct certain distortions in the dental arches. Our clinic works in close collaboration with a specialist - orthodontist.

Problems with the shape, size and position of a tooth can be solved in several ways. One of them is veneers. They are small ceramic flakes that are bonded to the front surface of teeth. They are used primarily with front teeth. They will transform your smile and make it look really stunning. However, when a tooth is very damaged, crowns, ceramic or zirconium are used. Sometimes minor changes in the shape and position can be achieved by using photopolymer called "bonding".


This is a treatment for patients over the age of 20, when the growth of the jaws is completed. It is done by using special adjustment system called braces.

Up to what age can someone put brackets?

There is no age limit to orthodontic treatment and placement of braces.

Placing the brackets

Brackets are glued to each tooth with special glue, without damaging the tooth structure, therefore the placement of braces is not harmful to teeth.

Is there pain or discomfort during the treatment?

After applying the brackets in the first week you can have a feeling of discomfort and tingling of the teeth. It takes some time to get used to them, as with any new thing.

Can I eat normally with brackets?

Eating is almost not affected, patients should be careful only when biting solid food.

How long does orthodontic treatment for adult patients take?

It depends on the deformation, the condition of the teeth and the bite of the patient. But with modern systems these days, it is possible for a period of 6-16 months.

When do we proceed with placement of brackets on adult patients?

In all cases when it is necessary to correct the position of teeth or bite. Most often orthodontic treatment is combined with other dental treatments. For example, when it is necessary to accommodate the implants or with orthopedic dental restoration - before placing veneers it is necessary to straighten the teeth and correct the bite.

Does daily communication suffer after putting brackets?

Brackets do not interfere with speech. As far as aesthetics is concerned, unlike metal braces, the now available systems are almost invisible. We offer brackets with tooth color and transparent brackets. Thanks to them, the people around you may not notice that brackets are placed.



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